Bureaucracktic Bedtime Stories Bureaucracktic Bedtime Stories is a collection of contributions in many media that originate from the worksession Bureaucracksy. You can still register to the publication Bureaucracktic Bedtime (...)
Internships Constant is looking for interns (m/x/f) all year round The intern will have the opportunity to participate in the everyday life of the organization and gain an overview of its functioning. (...)
Constant_V: Cosmic Foam Traditions No. 1 - The Æthers OPENING: 06.05.2022 18:00 -> 24:00 Parcours d'Artistes Saint-Gilles: 07 & 08.05.2022 14:00 -> 19:00 Parcours d'Artistes Saint-Gilles: 14 & 15.05.2022 14:00 -> 19:00 TALK: 09.06.2022 17:00 (...)
ATNOFS - A Transversal Network of Feminist Servers
Recursive publishing And now that everyone is editing, what? is a series of meetings to rethink and share knowledge about contemporary publishing, organised by the artists in residence in the field of experimental (...)
Weak signaaal
Weak signaaal In June 2022, Constant stirred up the format of our typical worksessions and organised a series of 4 afternoons under the title of Weak Signaaal at cafe La Vieille Chechette. Seeing the search (...)
ATNOFS - A Transversal Network of Feminist Servers
ATNOFS: Chapter 4 - ESC A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers is a collaborative project formed around intersectional, feminist, ecological servers whose communities travel between each other to share and extend their (...)
Eve and The Aethers In Cosmic Foam Traditions no.1, the installation on display in Constant's window until June the 26th, we hear Eve's voice reporting on her journeys into unknown dimensions. For the discussion on (...)
Zone #16
Worksession Zone #16 The worksession Zone #16 will take place from 19 to 26 November 2022 (exact dates to be confirm) and will investigates the city as a woven fabric of territories of inclusion and exclusion, of (...)
Constant_V: An Algoliterary Publishing House 0.01 “We need acts of restoration, not only for polluted waters and degraded lands, but also for our relationship to the world. We need to restore honor to the way we live, so that when we walk through (...)
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OPENCOIL Workshop In recent years the pavements of many cities around the world have been flooded by colourful so-called "dockless sharing vehicles". With promises of eco-friendly mobility, these venture (...)