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Looking for a shared workspace? Collective space looking for additional members! A collective space of more than 200m2 is slowly taking shape in the neighborhood of Koekelberg, Chaussée de Jette 388. Inhabited, for now, by (...)
Constant_V: the SPLINT cards Opening installation: Thursday 1 December from 18:00 on. The SPLINT deck of cards is ready to be put to the test! For the next five years of its program, Constant will relentlessly ask: What (...)
SPLINT Print&Play-Party For the next five years of its program, Constant is asking: What could/should Speculative, Libre and Intersectional Technologies (SPLINT) do? To start finding the language and open up our (...)
Open call for the symposium : Cybioses – life in the future imperfect Between 2 and 5 March 2023 Constant will collaborate with JV 24 and SpecXcraft on a winter symposium about "slow futures" called Cybioses – life in the future imperfect. The full open call can (...)
Internships Constant is looking for interns (m/x/f) all year round
Now, think of a question that is at stake for you Opening installation: Thursday 26 January 2023 from 18:00 on Workshop: Sunday 5 March 2023 from 14:00 to 16:00 rosa (they, them) is a feminist server that travels between different locations, (...)
Constant in MARCH journal
Constant Padology The article Constant Padology focuses on an essential component of Constant's tool-ecology, a simple piece of software that has permeated most activities and practices, from internal organization, (...)