Volumetric Regimes: material cultures of quantified presence
2021-02-24 09:30:33
A book in the making / edited by Possible Bodies (Jara Rocha and Femke Snelting) Contributors: Sophie Boiron, Maria Dada, Pierre Huyghebaert, Sina Seifee, Phil Langley, Nicolas Malevé, Romi Ron (...)
Collective Conditions Reader (update)
2020-10-30 17:55:22
This reader is an evolving companion to Collective Conditions, a worksession held in November 2019 in Brussels. Whether you prefer to read, watch or listen, this compilation offers different (...)
So-called plants: items from the Possible Bodies inventory
2020-09-12 14:21:04
October 1, 14h Akademie Schloss Solitude (on-line) Performative guided tour of items from the Possible Bodies inventory + conversation As part of the series Nepantlas: Infrastructures for (...)
Dear student, teacher, worker in an educational institution,
2020-09-02 22:31:14
A letter from Constant to everyone facing on-line teaching. Let's learn together how to do technology differently! - And more...
Rock Damage
2020-05-08 11:58:03
Rock Damage, performed by Helen Pritchard, Jara Rocha at Sonic Acts Academy, 22 February 2020 + Queering Damage in Sonic Acts Academy Catalogue (with Helen Pritchard, Jara Rocha and Laura Benítez (...)
Paul Otlet: An Omissum
2020-04-17 10:44:22
“This omissum is an attempt to address a blindspot in Mondotheque::a radiated book, and intends to intervene in the way Paul Otlet has been portrayed in general. Terms like ‘visionary’ or (...)
The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest
2020-04-10 02:00:59
The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest emerged on April 10, 2020 as a bugreport. With current members Myriam Aouragh, Seda Gürses, Helen Pritchard we collaborate on research, (...)
Radio Implicancies
2020-04-07 10:53:04
Weekly self-hosted broadcasts developed for and with XPUB, Piet Zwart Media Design Master in Rotterdam. From the way the Latin alphabet has become ubiquitous in human-machine interfaces to the (...)
BodyBuilding: ROCK REPO
2020-01-06 15:42:47
The Underground Division (Helen Pritchard, Femke Snelting, and Jara Rocha) contributes to BodyBuilding, an exhibition curated by Hackers & Designers @ Tetem, Enschede. Opening 20 February (...)
Zone Public
2019-12-16 01:19:05
What happens to artistic research when it is made public? As a contribution to the ongoing conversations in a.pass on the dynamics of publishing generated by technologies of artistic research, (...)
Uniform Resource Locator
2019-11-26 09:55:49
In the framework of the exhibition in WIELS, Open Skies, Martino Morandi and Femke Snelting animate a guided tour through the history of URLs. Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), also known as web (...)
Geraldine Juarez: Render me grey
2019-11-21 16:33:55
Interview with Possible Bodieshttp://sink.sexy/texts/rendermegrey Jara: I am super interested in the potential of grey literature to alter those very technical documents or devices, precisely to (...)
Right the Right: Re-imagining copyleft
2019-10-21 07:16:48
As a contribution to Right the right, a three day event on the crisis in copyright, Constant is invited to report on Authors of the future. During this studyday, we tried to make a start with (...)
Collective Conditions: Opening
2019-10-18 16:03:01
Join us for the festive opening of Collective Conditions, a worksession which experiments with the generative potential of socio-technical protocols such as codes of conduct, complaints (...)
Other Geometries
2019-06-24 09:16:58
Contribution to: Victories under the sunWorkshop, Sunday 30 June 12:00-18:00 @ Szenne Artlab Other Geometries is an invitation to reflect on, re-imagine and train for togetherness with (...)
Call for participants: Collective Conditions
2019-06-23 14:29:18
Collective Conditions is a worksession which experiments with the generative potential of codes of conduct, complaints procedures, bug reports and copyleft licenses. We understand these (...)