Bureaucracktic Bedtime Stories

Bureaucracktic Bedtime Stories is a collection of contributions in many media that originate from the worksession Bureaucracksy.

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This is a time base estaffette naration originating from artivist
practices around the imaginative re-appropriations of rules and regulations.
You will receive 1 story per day for a sequence of 21 days. These can be
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laptop. Whatever you prefer as a bedside reading companion technology.


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Bureaucracktic Bedtime Stories contains contributions by:
Sarrita Hunn, Loup Cellard, Richard Wheeler, Temporary Bureaucracksy Collective, Elodie Mugrefya, Muslin Brothers, Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (O.J.A.I.), Lucia Palladino, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Laura Oriol + Peter Westenberg, Melt - Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr, Francis Hunger, Brendan Howell, Caterina M, Simon Browne, An Mertens, Eric Snodgrass, Jonathan McHugh, Simon Browne

Constant 2022. Copyleft with a difference: This is a collective work, you are invited to copy, distribute, and modify it under the terms of the CC4r https://constantvzw.org/wefts/cc4r.en.html.

Peter Westenberg, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Manufactura Independente

Manufactura Independente

Financial support
Federation Wallonie Bruxelles, Vlaamse Overheid, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie