Project: Sponge

About this website

Warp and weft are terms for the two basic components used in weaving to turn thread or yarn into fabric. Inspired by Constant’s rich history of events and their diverse on-line manifestations, Constant is reweaving its on-line presence.

As a way to narrate in-between concerns, projects, events and media, we are inserting wefts into the website structure. Some are dedicated to specific projects and others operate transversally across the site. The wefts introduce a specific way of writing, indexing and making collections. They use etherpad (pages for on-line collaborative editing) to connect between heterogeneous elements in the Constant galaxy. The wefts also open up the possibility for the larger Constant community to co-edit connections.

In parallel, we are activating our archive, developing new ways to access the many sounds, videos and images hosted on the Constant server. We are in the process of connecting twenty years of digital media with corresponding articles. The changes will emerge on the website incrementally in the coming months.

The Spip Content Management System continues to keep track of Constant’s events but we enlarged the scope of the interface to show current and historical strata interacting over time.

Unless otherwise noticed, all content published on this site was available under a Free Art License and since October 2021 under CC4r licence.

The revised Constant website is an ongoing collaboration between Denis Devos, Martino Morandi, Michael Murtaugh and Femke Snelting together with the rest of the Constant team. Colm O’Neill and Andrea di Serego Alighieri lend a hand with design and css.