Ellentriek: Workshops about Electricity and Art

This was a collaboration between Pianofabriek, Ladda and Constant. A series of workshops investigating the relationship between art and electricity.

’Ellentriek’ is an important part of our homes, gardens, kitchen’s appliances, music instruments, art... You name it and you find cables, resistors, potentiometers, batteries and much more.
Internetis full of ’Do It Yourself’ tips and tricks, for example how to convert an old electric tooth brush in a helicopter or an old toy into a synthesizer, how to build a mini-robot...
The artistscreate works of interactive art. Electriciansno longer work only with cables and fuses, but also at decors and installations for theaters, museums and artistes...

In workshops led by artists and electricians, makers create their own electric structures and unravel the secrets of oooohm...

A bit of history.

In 2006 De Pianofabriek and Ladda started an artistic and educational project about art and electricity. During a three-days workshop they analyzed the relationship between those two areas. This first edition was very successfully. The participants were incredibly enthusiastic. In 2007 Constant joined them as a new partner. En 2008, this fruitful collaboration generated a thematic project gradually designed and developed. Open-doors weekends were regularly held to discuss the basics of the project and to allow new people to step in.

An important moment in this project is the creation of the ’ellentriek’ blog. His goal is not only to inform and provide an overview of the evolution of ’ellentriek’, but also and mainly to collect and exchange information, tips and tricks about art and electricity. Participants, students, teachers and visitors can find details about the electronic experiments and adventures of ’ellentriek’. De Pianofabriek, Ladda and Constant support the principle of the ’open source’ and give unlimited access to information, knowledge and technology.


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