Project: Ellentriek

Brussels, Belgium

(a little step) Beyond prototyping : #Ellentriek 10

Ellentriek (Constant & Pianofabriek) meets Code, Arts & Crafts (iMAL) to propose an advanced level workshop on building Arduino-like constructions. A little step towards autonomy and sustainable prototypes.

When building a physical computing construction using a microcontroller, you are often confronted with breadboards, loose wires and headerpins. Furthermore, an Arduino board itself is quite big. In this ’Ellentriek vs. Code, Arts & Crafts’ session, we want to try to go a step further using our expertise and ’the little grey cells’.

While building and constructing we will try to solve following questions:

    • How to ’miniaturise’ an Arduino microcontroller?
    • How to program Arduino pro mini’s, freeduino nano’s, Ardweenies, "¦?
    • Which microcontroller suits you best?
    • How to build your own microcontroller?
    • How to translate your breadboard trial version to a pcb
    • How to make pcb’s with a laserprinter?

This 2-days workshop will be hold under the leading of Fabrice (CA&C) and Marc (Ellentriek).

On Saturday evening (7pm), Dirk Oosterbosch will give a presentation on Fritzing, a platform and software for the documentation and sharing of protypes, and the making of pcb layout for professional manufacturing.

To participate, contact wendy attt

If you have specific questions/needs with regard to your project, please let us know so we can prepare better.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with De Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats and iMal.

@ iMal

Koolmijnenkaai/Quai des Charbonnages 30-34
1080 Brussels / Bruxelles