Project: Ellentriek

Ellentriek #14: sew - measure - send - receive

Ellentriek is a series of workshops, often collaborative, where artists
can come and work together on their own artistic electronics projects,
made with open hardware.

This Ellentriek is about textile, electronics and wireless interaction. We
will focus on soft sensors made with textile and on how you can
communicate the results of these sensors to an Arduino and/or computer.
This data transfer will be wireless, with xbees.

Naomi Kerkhove and her fabulous miniature worlds with needle and wire is a
special guest of this session, with her ’Valies’ project, which premiers
in Vooruit in autumn. She will work on the sensor part of her performance
during the workshop.

Do you have previous experiences in electronics? Do you want to learn about textile and wireless interactions?
Then register quickly for this workshop at

If you have questions: send an e-mail to wendy attttt constantvzw punt org.

Max amount of participants: 12

The following experts will give the workshop:
Marije Baalman -
XY Interaction -

This Ellentriek is a collaboration between Timelab, WP Zimmer, Constant &
Pianofabriek Arts Lab.

More information here:

@ Timelab

Brusselsepoortstraat 97 - 9000 Gent