Sessions de travail

Les sessions de travail sont des situations transdisciplinaires intensives auxquelles contribuent des participants du monde entier. Tous les six mois, Constant ouvre un tel laboratoire de recherche temporaire ; un environnement de travail collectif où différents types d’expertise entrent en contact les uns avec les autres. Au cours des sessions de travail, nous développons des idées et des prototypes qui, à long terme, se traduisent par des publications, des projets et de nouvelles propositions.


This worksession investigated the city as a woven fabric of territories of inclusion and exclusion, of availabilities and scarcities, of obligations and potentials. It starts from observing the relations between different forms of zoning and the technology they involve in the Brussels context. (November 2022)

Weak Signaaal

_4 afternoons under the title of Weak Signaaal at cafe La Vieille Chechette. Seeing the search for weak signals as a practice that centers sensibilities towards what easily goes under the radar, is barely perceivable, or straight up unclear. (Summer 2022)
* #1 Spongy coexistence
This workshop brought a play on word2vec, a model commonly used to create ‘word embeddings’ in machine learning.
* #2 Loud silences and muddy methods
This afternoon was dedicated to intentional silences, dramatic pauses and obfuscation methods.
* #3 Otherworldly tongues
Wendy Van Wynsberghe brought the participants to the swamp in Wiels and playfully helped them pricking up their ears.
* #4 Spongy coexistence
The research group Ballades Infidèles worked around the Ballades en jargon, 11 poems composed by 15th century poet Françoys Villon which are written in the secret tongue of the Coquillard·es, a posse of French rogues.

Down Dwars Delà

Assembling and studying a tools-not-box (see it more as a jumble of tools than a neatly ordered toolbox) to bring together techniques, rituals, protocols and technologies for non-intrusive, non-extractivist, intra-vertical observation with the narrative worlds they make. (Summer 2021)


An investigating the governance of techno-social systems through the prism of bureaucracy.
on-line (December 2020)

The Unbound Library

What can we learn from the promise of digital formats to go beyond pages, page numbers and index systems that are bound to the single book only?
Brussels, Rotterdam, Utrecht, North-England and on-line (June 2020)

Collective Conditions

Experiments with the generative potential of codes of conduct, bugreports, licenses and complaints.
Brussels (November 2019)

Networks with an attitude

The Internet is Dead / Long Live the Internets!
Antwerp (April 2019)


Algorithms, charisma, rhythm, alchemy and karma: infecting algorithms with ideologies that acknowledge the co-existence with non-human entities.
Z33, Hasselt (December 2018)

Ageing Companions / Geprogrammeerde veroudering / Les cyborgs vieillissants

The interconnected lifespan of both technology and bodies
De Pianofabriek, Brussels (June 2018)

Transmarcations: X is not for destination

A worksession situated at the technological crossing of geographies, biographies, bodies, terrains and deplacements.
Beursschouwburg, Brussels (December 2017)

The Techno-galactic Software Observatory

How can we interact, intervene, respond and think with software?
WTC25, Brussels (June 2017)


Collaboration, conflict, divergence and the digital archive
Museum voor Kunst en Geschiedenis, Brussels (December 2016)

Objects in common

Challenges of material culture in a read-write world
Medialab Prado, Madrid (March 2016)

Promiscuous Pipelines

How can we imagine modularity, knowing that software processes are inherently leaky and contextual?
FoAm, Brussels (August 2015)


Cqrrelation is poetry to the statistician. It is science to the dissident. It is detox to the data-addict.
De Buren, Brussels (January 2015)


Experiments at the contact zones of gender and 3D-technology
De Beursschouwburg, Brussels (November 2014)