Techno Galactic Software ObservatoryL’Observatoire de Logiciels Techno-GalactiqueHet Techno-Galactisch Software Observatorium

A collection of materials and traces collected during the worksession.

The Techno-Galactic Guide to Software Observation

Christoph Haag remixing Harrison (cover)

The Techno-Galactic Guide to Software Observation gathers methods from the Techno-Galactic Software Observatory. It was collectively edited by Carlin Wing, Martino Morandi, Peggy Pierrot, Anita Burato, Christoph Haag, Michael Murtaugh, Femke Snelting, Seda Gürses and designed by Christoph Haag.

Streaming presentation: Seda Guerses

On Friday 7 September 2018 we celebrated the launch of the guide with a streaming radioshow from Constant studio in WTC25. With live contributions from various international observers.


Visit to the Computer Museum, Namur

Audio tour in NAM-IP

Visit to the Computer Museum, KULeuven

Lunch, World Trade Center Brussels, -1

Entreprecariat by Silvio Lorusso, a presentation

  • Audio recording (audio ends suddenly when audio recorder battery dies …)

Comfort and separation devices

Mia Melvaer: I Hope You Are Comfortable (waterfountain)

Walk-in Clinic

The Walk-In Clinic provided free hands-on observations to software curious people of all kinds by professional and amateur practitioners. Available services on the spot ranged from immediate interface critique, collaborative code inspection, data dowsing, various forms of network analyses, unusability testing, identification of unknown viruses, risk assessment, opening of black-boxes and more.

Intake as a service

Agile Yoga (Anne Laforet)

List of services

The depliant of the services offered during the Techno-Galactic Walk-in Clinic.

Miscellaneous audio


Etherdump Archives