Project: Constant_V

uHbench workshop

During a short performative workshop we’ll build an Urban Hacker Bench in front of Constant. The bench will serve nicely during the summertime, as a non-profit spot to chat, hang out, observe passers by, cast a critical look on the work on show in Constant V, or just enjoy the sunshine ..

This project was initiated in 2012 by artist Julien Deswaef.

See the documentation of earlier benches and read more on this website.
Download the instructions here.
You can download and adapt the instructions to your own needs.

Come on 18 june at 18:00. We’ll build the bench by following the instructions step by step. Joining, seeing how it is done, and help building, is a good way to understand the tools and tricks of the trade. After that you’re fully equiped to build your own bench.

@ Constant

Rue du Fortstraat 5, 1060 Brussel/Bruxelles