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Constant_V is a series of small-scale installations in the window of the Constant office. These installations are sometimes accompanied by a workshop led by the artist(s) in order to focus not only on the finished product, but also on the process of creation. They give the opportunity to discover the motivations, the techniques or other aspects of a work.

Constant_V uses our front window as a membrane; it showcases artists and projects connected to Constant. Constant_V prefers showing works that are in progress, giving visibility to the conceptual, technical and collaborative work that goes into the creation of an artwork. Constant_V shows works that are made with Free Software and / or distributed under open content licenses. This way Constant_V offers passers by insight in the world of F/LOSS arts.

Constant_V presents digital works of various types ranging from video to interactive works, from graphic design to hacked machines and prototypes.

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Constant_V: An Algoliterary Publishing House 0.01

“We need acts of restoration, not only for polluted waters and degraded lands, but also for our relationship to the world. We need to restore honor to the way we live, so that when we walk through (...)

Eve and The Aethers

In Cosmic Foam Traditions no.1, the installation on display in Constant’s window until June the 26th, we hear Eve’s voice reporting on her journeys into unknown dimensions. For the discussion on (...)

Constant_V: Cosmic Foam Traditions No. 1 - The Æthers

OPENING: 06.05.2022 18:00 -> 24:00 Parcours d’Artistes Saint-Gilles: 07 & 08.05.2022 14:00 -> 19:00 Parcours d’Artistes Saint-Gilles: 14 & 15.05.2022 14:00 -> 19:00 TALK: 09.06.2022 17:00 (...)

Constant_V: Computational Arabic

Opening: Wednesday 09-03-2022 18:00 -> 21:00 @ Constant Encounter at the café Lagrange: Wednesday 30-03-2022 17:00 -> 19:00 @ Lagrange Points, Huidevettersstraat 114 Rue des Tanneurs, 1000 (...)

Constant_V: Nubo

Nubo is a Belgian cooperative with respect for privacy. Founded by a team of free and open source representatives, the coop provides email and cloud subscriptions to empower users to break free (...)

Workshop Michel, Cassandra, Google & the others

The workshop will focus on how the poetic installation - still on show in the window of Constant - was created. We will look into the code, the database and we will propose to create new versions (...)

In conversation with LATOS

A workshop - discussion with the artists around the installation Talking Network by LATOS showed currently in the window of Constant. Thursday 18 - 11 - 2021 14:00 > 17:00 Room Calcutta @ (...)

Michel, Cassandra, Google and the others

Is it possible for algorithms to read a poetic story in an archive of news articles on digital surveillance, updated daily by the same person for fifteen years? Can algorithms read a similar (...)


Opening: Thursday 23 September 2021 18:00 > 22:00 @ Constant LATOS, SLATO, OTLAS and TALOS are among the names from which a group of researchers (Ayoh Kré, Lionel Maes, Deborah Levy & (...)

Technopolice Surveillance walk

It’s hard not to notice them, cameras are everywhere! In the streets, in the offices, in the lobbies, in the stores... How did this surveillance method develop until it became omnipresent? What (...)