Project: Constant_V

Workshop A Model for a Politician

In this workshop we write loveletters using the material from the archive developed for the installation: the weekly video addresses by Barack Obama, cut to precise clips of words and small sentences. We start with a quick exploration of the the software, algorithms and interfaces used to analyze the politicians’ language. We write using the language of the politician but we will also extend the vocabulary in the database using combinatory practises with previously recorded words.

A Model for a Politician researches the role of language and image profiles in politics and their ability to influence our judgement. Constant will host The Weekly Address in its window, a device that employs speech recognition and machine learning to analyze patterns in a politician’s way of speaking. While machine learning recognizes patterns and produces reliable and repeatable results based on a data set, politicians construct patterns through rhetoric, often repeating their message to convey their own truth.

The workshop is gratis.
Registration is not mandatory but it is recommended, by sending an email to:

@ Constant office

Rue du Fortstraat 5
1060 Bruxsel