Verbindingen / Jonctions 7: The lining of forgetting

Imagine someone who uses digital means to produce sound or visual creations.

What are his/her choices on a technical level? in terms of collective or individual work? Where does s/he place her body in relation to this technology, does s/he show it, hide it? Is s/he a thief, a collector, an author, a dancer, a copier ? What are his/her choices for circulation : broadcasting, on line, on stage, via the public ? What contracts does s/he have with the public, within the group ? What are their sources : meetings, chance meetings, corresponding, accidents ?

VJ7 was an attempt to seize bodily these questions and desires. This was an unstable mix which was attractive for those who accept dialogue and experiment.

- a space with fluctuating functions which could be transformed into workshop space, projection room, conference room, concert hall, reference room
- meetings between participants from different horizons and various online and off line practices : scientists, technicians, all media artists, critics, academics, activists
- resources distributed and accessible on site and via a website : photocopies, takeaway prints and downloadable files on internet
- a festival of projects for the internet
- sound productions and videos available for consultation and to be downloaded
- texts published online.

Keywords :

Autonomy, circulation, technology, thread, code, soldering, copyright, copyleft, ownership, sharing, theft, gift, exchange, formal, informal, poetry, literature, rhyme, function, object, compilation, recipe, cooking, internal, externalities, loop, test, logic, coherence, corruption, database, graphics, dependence, interdependencies, bookstore, library, bag, kit, to survive, to live, to fly, interface, ease, password, authorisation, transgression, intrusion, rootkit, abstraction, representation, body movement, performance, browsability, ergonomics, usability, language, format, formatting, to format, form, prose, conference, link, clip, metempsychosis, soul, body, performance, performativity.