Verbindingen / Jonctions 6: Operates by association

This edition’s challenge was to make real a series of preoccupations common to individuals who we are accustomed to seeing in separate categories: creators of electronic or improvised music, programmers vested in the development of free software, and cyborgs, imaginary being’s part human, part machine.

Treats in store : improvised and electronic music concerts, film screenings, video library, a selection of CD-ROMs and web sites, conferences. As well as a radio programme broadcast.

The main idea of this program rested on the hypothesis that several questions were common to them although approached in different contexts.
These questions were of a political and philosophical nature :
- How should we stand as regards to technology ?
- How and why does DIY gain a political and critical dimension ?
- How should we use technology from a minority’s point of view ? How should we transmit our knowledge, what should we do with the idea of transmission, of tradition ?
- But also how should we think of ourselves through the ideas of paradox, multiplicity, and impurity ?
- And what are the consequences of these paradoxes for aesthetic creation but also for bodies and sexual identity ?

It seemed important to us to identify these questions and the interventions of theoreticians and artists such as Richard Barbrook, Simon Pope, Karin Spaink, Muriel Andrin, Christophe Den Tandt, Hans Scheirl, aimed to extend the theoretical and aesthetic dimensions of these questions.

Nevertheless, it was with action that the festival was most concerned. There was a workshop for each concert. Every musician commited him/herself to hand down and share his/her experience and what he/she had learned in the different workshops. That wasto say what the tool is made of, how to make them ours again, how to regain possession of the tools of sound production.

Echoing these sessions of collaborative work will be a programming of films which will state the various identities of the cyborg. Creature of paradox, both military and rebel, entirely programmed and fighting for its autonomy, navigating between genders, this being concentrates the most extreme projections of the technical future which we anticipate.