Verbindingen / Jonctions 13

Jonctions/Verbindingen 13: Prototypes for transmission

5 meetingdays around connection protocols, on-line networks and the Internet as public space. Prototypes for transmission looks at the protocols, rules and regulations that define the Internet. V/J13 wants to nourish and re-activate our imagination about a digital space where exchange, experiment and critique can thrive.

You are both on-line and off-line welcome for various worksessions, a concert, presentations, a seminar, Desktop D’Amis, screenings and much more.

Verbindingen/Jonctions (V/J), is the bi-annual multidisciplinary event organised by Constant. Since 1997, Verbindingen/Jonctions combines high-, low- and no-tech strategies from utopian, contemporary, traditional and tribal cultures, free software, feminism and queer theories. V/J is an occasion to explore the space between thinking and doing, and is always a mix of activities. It is an occasion to invite radio makers, artists, programmers, academics, Linux users, interface designers, urban explorers, performance artists, technicians, lawyers and others to experience each other’s practice, and to share their interests with a broad public of visitors.

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