Unbound Libraries documentation

The documentation of Unbound Libraries is there!

Unbound Libraries was a worksession that happened in June 2020. It was the first worksession of Constant entirely online as covid had made its entry into our realities. For this documentation, we decided to invite 4 participants of the worksession to contribute in their own ways.

The collective BAL (Brussels Almanack Lesbian) share what has been significant for their archiving practice during the worksession. They also assembled a list of their own modes of doing list in the form of a fortune teller along with pieces from their archive of ephemera from lesbian radical spaces.

Clara Balaguer shows her practice of radical note-taking as a strategy to show the ways into which conversations are an essential part of her work and to make visible the different voices that form and influence her writing and thinking.

Eva Weinmayr gives a compelling collection of reflections from the worksession (and beyond) organised into 8 chapters: Sameness and Difference, Structural hierarchies, Claim to truth, Uninscriptions, The Caged Antelope, Confusion, Prejudices and Antipathies: descriptors are never neutral, Teaching the Radical Catalogue.

Infrastructural Manoeuvres writes a text on the questions raised by the collective during the worksession in relation to the formats used by libraries around the world for their cataloguing methodology. I.M. writes their text according to the format MARC 21 for bibliographic data. Marc is the acronym for Machine-Readable Cataloguing.

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