Project: Constant_V

This obscure side of sweetness is waiting to blossom

For the first Constant_V of 2017, Pascale Barret installs a selection of artworks in the window of Constant: a catalogue and a rice wine experimentation developed during her last residency at TEMI in South Korea.

Spending this residency between wild and urban life, mountains with shamans, city politics and cultural heritage, high (new) and low (old) tech, Pascale faced questions around Nature-Culture, Human-non Human and Machine. These dualities remind her of the human desire to control, to preserve life and by extension to represent, reproduce it as a copy or simulation. Shamans make paper flowers, markets sell synthetic ones. Pascale started to scan plants and roots and tried to solidify forms and patterns into 3D prints and 2D laser cuttings.

Taking advantage of several practices, her experiments cross biochemistry, photochemistry, digital, electronic, archiving, fiction and fabulation.
Through hybridization, art raises issues of ecologies (human, environmental and political), inspired by eco-feminist writings, global issues and local observations.

You are welcome to join us for a taste of her self-made fermented rice wine (Makgeolli) during the opening on Thursday 26 January 2017 at 18:00. The installation will be on display in the window of Constant until March, 26.

Pascale Barret is involved in hybrid audio, visual, performance and mixed media art practices. DIY fantasist, Pascale is looking for the place where art, science, theory, and practice meet. She plays and diverts tools: photo, video, 3D scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting, net performance, biochemistry (fermentation), uncreative sound and writings. In 2015, Pascale co-founded "ENDORA, société joyeuse", a generous community that ignored differences (male/female, life/death, human/animal) and combine imaginary possibilities to unveiled a collective fiction.

@ Constant

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