Project: OpenCoil

Serial Experiments Opencoil

Electric scooters are a new stable presence in the city that brings new social and economic patterns of profit-extraction and resource usage, but also brings a lot of people to move differently through the city.

Out of curiosity about this platformized city infrastructure, the Opencoil workshop tried to familiarize with the black-box of micro-mobility, by opening it up and trying out weird things with it.

This evening will share the outcomes of two days dedicated to finding out what else can be done with e-scooters, other than renting and riding them. This might include parasitical micro-websites, nomadic noise installations, meshed communications on wheels, mapping of canal-lost devices...

You are welcome to come hear more about all this on the evening of Sunday the 11th of September, at Nadine, a friendly art association located right in the city center, where the scooters roam. The participants of the workshop will share their prototypes and experiments, showcasing them on live trottinettes.

The OPENCOIL project is supported by the City of Brussels - Department of Culture, Youth, Leisure and Sports.

@ Nadine

Nieuwbrug 3 Rue du Pont Neuf, 1000 Brussels