Project: Constant_V

Wicked Technologies | Wild Fermentation

Wicked Technologies | Wild Fermentation is a project considering the ethics and aesthetics of fermentation in relation to artistic research.

This project is developed by Sara Manente, a choreographer, performance artist and amateur fermentress, in collaboration with drawing artist Gunbike Erdemir.

Queering, sampling, transferring a prototype, feeding, inoculating, oxygenating, acquiring a taste are processes involved in live cultures. Fermentation techniques challenge ideas of transformation, cannibalism, wildness, exuberance, excess, noise, opacity and death.

During the installation at Constant, the project will focus on thinking and testing the queer potentiality of fermentation: from micro-performativity to composting, reflecting on the microbial commons and the agency of bacteria (what is good for whom?). We will experiment with recipes that challenge our tongues, eyes and brains. Parallel to the installation, and in exchange with the makers, the cooks Eriks Ashmanis and Ferran Mesa Turó experiment with a fermentation lab in Constant Studio in Hacktiris.

You’re warmly invited to share you recipe by sending a mail to:

The processes and results of the research will be visible in the window until May, the 9th.

You are welcome to the opening on Thursday 7 March from 18:00 on to taste some fermentation samples.

The opening will also be the occasion to launch our brand new Constant_V catalogue designed by the graphic design collective DEAL to celebrate four years of beautiful installations and projects in the window of Constant! Get your copy for free!

@ Constant

Rue du Fortstraat, 5 Brussels