Project: Constant_V

S P L I N T game night at Au Jus

In the framework of the symposium by Cybioses - Life in the Future Imperfect, which runs from 2nd-5th of March and delves into the thematic of slow futures, we organise a SPLINT game night at Au Jus on Friday 3rd of March. It is open to everyone who wants to play some speculative rounds about what a slow SPLINT future might look like.

Cybioses – Life in the Future Imperfect, is a study group which is part of the Nordic Summer University, a migratory non-hierarchical group of international researchers.

The SPLINT card game was recently developed by Constant as a tool to speculate and find language for what SPLINT - Speculative, Libre, Intersectional Technologies might look like. On this occasion we combine this tool with the premise that Cybioses is looking into this spring: what if we imagine a future that is not accellerating, but rather slowing down. Bringing the potential of such slow futures to the foreground undermines the premise that speed is characteristic of technological change and that constant social pressure underpins technological disruption, economic growth, and an ability to be detached from its impact on material worlds of great complexity.

@ Au Jus

Avenue Jean Volders 24, 1060 Saint-Gilles
Jean Volderslaan 24, 1060 Sint-Gillis