Project: Constant_V


In the frame of the installation QUANTIFY WHOLEHEARTEDLY in the window of Constant, Natacha Roussel and the Samedies organise a feminist workshop of design of environments of personal quantification tools.

This workshop proposes a reflection on the measurement of bodies. This pervasive phenomenon offers many applications as a contribution to our well-being and takes on a new dimension in our conception of health. Personal quantification applications are dominated by private companies; they call themselves participative, while they are serving people who pursue a logic of valuing and accentuating differences between human beings.

The participants will look at the modalities of these tools, how they work, what they measure, with what means, which are their purposes, to whom they are directed. After a rapid analysis, they will consider alternative proposals and test them, in the light of a feminist approach and a feminist design of these visualization tools.

The workshop will start in the surrounding area of Saint-Gilles, with a test of a mobile online application developed by the Samedies. A different approach will be foreseen for people who do not have a smartphone.

This workshop will reflect on the conditions for a feminist reappointment of the
design processes for the benefit of community structures.

@ Constant

rue du Fortstraat 5, Saint-Gilles | Sint-Gillis