Project: Constant_V

Micropias: poetics of cultural segmentation

"You close your eyes and you arrive in a future about 200 years from now.
The space where you arrive is an empty space, a void."

From Thursday 28th November, the poetic sound and video installation by Wedknwyet will catch your eyes in the Constant window.

In this installation, WDKY will invite you to fantasize about your own possible futures. They will remodel the window into a room filled with an archive of ideas for the future; from a fluid amount of perspective in a mix of various combinations and possible outcomes. Maybe there will be enough space in this room and the one next door to make some of them co-exist... Or maybe tomorrow, you’ll prefer to be in the room next to the room next door.

Oscar Cassamajor and Loucka Fiagan, two artists from Brussels, form WEDONTKNOWYET. WDKY is an artistic duo using performances, immersive installations, words and dance as media. The two artists characterize their work as being in a constant state of dynamic. They see themselves too as constantly going through changes and dealing with contradictions whereas being forced to inhabit a system which does not reflect their inner selves.

Opening on Thursday 28th November from 6pm.

@ Constant vitrine

rue du Fort straat 5, 1060 Brussels

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