Project: Constant_V

Michel, Cassandra, Google and the others

Is it possible for algorithms to read a poetic story in an archive of news articles on digital surveillance, updated daily by the same person for fifteen years? Can algorithms read a similar story in the texts of a database as that which is told by its creator?

The members of the collective Algolit investigate these questions using e-traces, the database maintained by artist Michel Cleempoel. The answers are a source of inspiration for poetic and visual literary creations that will take over Constant’s window.

Opening: Thursday 25 November 2021 from 18h till 21h.
Workshop: Friday 14 January 2022 from 10h till 17h.

Algolit is a workgroup around FLOSS literature and code, they organise regular meetings following the Oulipo principle. More information:

@ Constant

Rue du Fortstraat 5, 1060 Brussels