Project: Constant_V

Measured poises, crowd noises

Measured poises, crowd noises invites you for a walk at the annual Christmas market in the centre of Brussels. Accompanied by the scent of gluhwein and croustillons, we will observe and discuss surveillance techniques that are currently being deployed at Winterpret and other major events in Brussels. Wireless crowd management technologies have become a very common method to monitor crowds in public spaces based on the unique identifiers of their mobile phones. They keep a close eye on the movements of city dwellers through public space, without requiring their explicit permission or active cooperation.

This walk and publication are part of an ongoing artistic research project developed by Alex Zakkas and Martino Morandi. From 23 January their work will be featured in the window of Constant’s office during the very first Constant_V of 2020.

With contributions from Remy Farge et Camille Van Durme (Ligue des droits humain).

Measured poises, crowd noises starts at 17.30 in front of Hacktiris with a guided tour of roughly 1 hour, in English. After that, you can join us at the 6th floor in Hacktiris where we will launch a publication documenting the project, while overlooking the Winterpret. Don’t forget to turn on your smartphone!

@ Hacktiris

Rue Paul Devauxstraat 3, Brussel