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Listening session: ’Le sanglier et le papillon’ + ’La mue’ - cancelled!

Unfortunately, this listening session has been cancelled due to Covid19 measures.

The documentaries Le sanglier et le papillon and La mue by Jen Debauche can be listened to in the window of the office of Constant.

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You are invited to join a (Corona proof) collective listening session of the two radio documentaries: Le sanglier et le papillon and La mue by Jen Debauche. This moment will be in French and is organised in the framework of the [installation of Jen Debauche in Constant window.

"I was working for the European Commission, I was leading a seminar in Portugal, I slept 3 hours a day. Instead of going to my office one morning, I bought an axe and brought it with me to the director of the department that had hired me...". Bruno calmly recounts this episode in his life. He came out of it. No one is safe from going through the mirror into the territory of madness. The poignant and fascinating testimonies of this sound creation plunge us into an intense fictional material. Illness is not only suffering, it is also something to think about, to question, to invent.

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