Project: Constant_V

Noises I could not ignore Radio Programme

On Friday 17th of May, in BNA-BBOT, Yared Yilma presented 12 sounds recorded at the Red Cross refugee centre in Eeklo to Caroline Claus (KU Leuven), Flavien Gillié and Wendy Van Wynsberghe. Together, they analyzed what was potentially heard, the choices of sounds and commented from their particular perspective and field of work.

The sound installation of Yared Yilma, based on these noises, can be heard at Rue du Fortstraat 5, 1060 Brussels, in the Constant Vitrine till the 22th of September.

You can listen to the Radio programme live on Radio Panik on the 13th of June in the slot of BNA-BBOT from 12:45 till 14h30.

Or download it here

@ Live in Brussels on 105.4 FM

or Radio Panik Stream