Project: Constant_V

Iteraties / Iterations / Itérations

Opening: Thursday 20/09 @ 18:00

What future for digital collective artistic work? How to stimulate sustainable art practices that consciously engage with network technology, collectivity, communality and difference?

Iterations is an artistic relay which traverses different countries. Artists work together in residencies on open source work that is first shown, and then passed on to be processed by another group of artists. Free software, open content licenses, distributed collaboration and shared authorship are starting points for the participants.

Iterations were initiated by Hangar (Barcelona), esc (Graz), Dyne (Amsterdam) and Constant.

This episode of Constant_V offers an introduction to the project, its principles and its methods. In the vitrine you can also find materials from the first residence that took place in Sicily last May.

Constant_V is a series of small exhibitions with a view on Free, Libre and Open Source culture.

This installation is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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