Expanded Publications #10: Oral Site

Sneak preview by Sarma & Constant

Oral Site is a new open source software and website that Myriam Van Imschoot develops with a team of programmers, writers and sound specialists of Sarma, Constant and Rits. Oral Site enables users to publish online multimodal publications that merge sound, image, text and graphics. Members of the team present the instrument, sketch the genealogies and future possibilities, by way of demo and presentations. An introductory workshop follows on November 19 for people interested in the documentary and artistic uses.

Oral Site is the result of a shared interest by Sarma and members of Constant in oral and experimental publication formats. The launch of Oral Site marks the start of Tagging Matters, a workshop by Constant that explores the ambiguity of metadata.

@ Vitrine n°17, Recyclart

Station Brussel-Kapellekerk / Gare Bruxelles-Chapelle
rue des Ursulinesstraat 25
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