Active Archives

Research and development of free software archive tools in collaboration with cultural institutions.

Constant has a long history in working with and reflecting on memory, forgetting, preserving and disclosure. The current challenge is in connecting digital archives with open standards on one side and working with web 2.0 indexation systems on the other, keeping in mind that privacy is a priority and ’not indexing’ is not an option.

The archives of cultural institutions are rich in material, they manifest different archiving techniques and specific characteristics, they often share features and problems with colleague-institutes, such as for example: How do you categorize? Who is author or collaborator? Are collaborators writers or protagonists with a different role?

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Seminar Sound + Art: Curating and Interfacing Archives

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Workshop Kurenniemi Dataradio

Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé, members of Constant will share their enthusiasm for Kurenniemi’s practice that involves various experiments in audio recording, diaristic practice and playful (...)