Project: Constant_V

Eve and The Aethers

In Cosmic Foam Traditions no.1, the installation on display in Constant’s window until June the 26th, we hear Eve’s voice reporting on her journeys into unknown dimensions.

For the discussion on the 14th of June, Les Aethers have invited Eve to share her shifting practice. She will plunge us into her digital universe and make us think about the questions that shifting poses to experience, memory, will and belief.

The Æthers (by Claire Williams et Dvora Levy) is a space for the preservation and reactivation of ’techniques of the invisible’ found in the archives of the experimental and occult sciences of the 19th and 20th centuries.

More info’s here: Constant_V: Cosmic Foam Traditions No. 1 - The Æthers

Image: Peter Westenberg

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