Project: Constant_V

Designing Constant_V: Antoine Gelgon

Every year Constant commissions another designer or design collective using Free, Libre and Open Source tools, to work on the two-monthly flyers for Constant_V.

In 2016, we invited Antoine Gelgon. He decided to use the flyers to develop and experiment with the typeface Ocr-PBI that he designed with Lise Brosseau. Ocr-PBI in turn is based on Ocr-B metafont, a typeface by Norbert Schwarz. Ocr-PBI uses the Metafont language, which means that by changing for example the width, stroke and trace parameters, many different variations can be generated. See also:

Each of Antoine’s designs for Constant_V used a different lay-out and another iteration of the font, creating a playful series of visually connected typographic images. In addition, he used html2print to lay out the publication Peggy: An object in common.

Since completing the series, Antoine continues to work with Open Source tools for projects such as Medor magazine. Antoine is an active member of Atelier Bek and works regurlary with OSP.

In 2017-2018 the Brussels collective Ecran Papier will be responsible for Constant_V flyers and more.

Source files and fonts can be found here: