De Party

Thanks to en ’agent’ Walker, THE PARTY has created a site that will help a virtual community become more open to thought and resistance. Here are some choice examples of dialogue with Playful&Plain-speaking Walker :

’... Planet Earth is in dire straits and we have all been asked to do something to put it back on track - and pronto... We are all held responsible and what we have been asked to do is act together : the artist with the entrepreneur, the local do-gooder with the homeless person, the king with the latest charismatic movement, the computer programmer with the disabled person, the patient with the healer, the consumer with the market speculator, the theatre producer with the immigrant... In ths New Era when everything is shared and divided up, everything relates to everything else and becomes interchangeable and reversible - it’s all as profitable as electronic money on computerized stock exchanges... It’s as plain as the nose on your face : we are destined to live in several worlds simultaneously - the real world and the virtual world. A new receptiveness and a new conscience are the order of the day. Back to school... Restons vigilants. Wees waakzaam. Be alert.’

So the site is a platform for exchange, debate and critical clarification from Walker. But that’s not all : there are also secrets, songs, diaries, Walker’s biography, fitness exercises, psychological sessions, meditation ’planets’, survuval tips and other challenges !

Kunstenfestivaldesarts 1998