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5 Rue du Fort | Fortstraat 5
B-1060 Saint-Gilles | Sint-GIllis (Brussels)
BCE | KBO Registration number: BE0460.609.646
RPM | RPR: Brussel Nederlandstalig

For general enquiries:
T : + 32 2 539 2467
E-mail: info (at)

388 Chaussée de Jette | Jetsesteenweg 388
B-1081 Koekelberg (Brussels)


Élodie Mugrefya
Artistic direction
elodie (at)

Denis Devos
Network infrastructure & web development
denis (at)

Donatella Portoghese
Financial direction & responsible for production/communication
donatella (at)

Iman Benyecif
Artistic research & project development
imane (at)

Martino Morandi
Artistic research & project development
martino (at)

Mia Melvaer
Artistic research & project development
mia (at)

Michael Murtaugh
Digital research & project development
mm (at)

Peter Westenberg
Artistic research & project development
peter (at)

Wendy Van Wynsberghe
Artistic research & project development
wendy (at)


Unfortunately not all our spaces are yet accessible to everyone.
We apologies for the inconvenience and we hope to improve this situation as soon as possible in the future. You can find further details on the accessibility of our spaces here.
If you require information or assistance, please contact a member of the team (see above) in advance.

How to reach Constant office

metro 2, 6: Porte de Hal / Hallepoort (lift available)
tram 3, 4, 51: Parvis de Saint-Gilles / Sint-Gillisvoorplein (lift available)
bus 48: Parvis de Saint-Gilles / Sint-Gillisvoorplein
villo: Chaussée de Waterloo / Waterloosesteenweg 65-69
bike racks: Parvis de Saint-Gilles / Sint-Gillisvoorplein (in front of the police station)

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How to reach Constant studio

metro 2, 6: Simonis (lift available)
tram 51: Belgica
villo: Broustin, Avenue de Jette | Jetselaan 60
no bike racks in the vicinity, but you can leave your bike in the hall of our studio

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