Project: Constant_V

Constant_V: Technopolice

A cartographic installation by the collective Technopolice will be hosted in Constant’s window.

Opening: Wednesday June the 30th, 2021 at 18:00

The deployment of "Smart city" (security) tools aiming at controlling, monitoring, classifying, punishing in order to orient and regulate behaviors is often done in the most total indifference, thanks to the complicity between the industry and the political decision makers; The latter are in the best of cases guilty by negligence or naivety, when they are not themselves at the origin of the adoption of these freedom-icidal gadgets (ANPR cameras recognizing license plates, facial recognition, drones flying over public space and in particular demonstrations, smart energy meters, etc. ).

Our objective is to make visible the threats of freedom-icide that these control tools represent in the Brussels region, by centralizing the information about them on a single platform accessible to all. Through this informative work, we wish to give everyone the possibility to understand these stakes, to build tools and strategies of resistance against surveillance, so that the deployment of these police tools is stopped, that the militarization of the public space is put in check and that, finally, the technopolicing stops!

@ Rue du Fortstraat 5, 1060 St-Gilles | Gillis, Brussels