Project: Constant_V

Constant_V: Magic Weather Witches

Fictional weather forecasts; a social artistic project by Amina Saâdi and Rébecca Fruitman.

Opening installation: Thursday 22 September from 18:00 on.

Blue sunshine, milky skies, budding clouds .... the weather is a favourite subject that encourages encounters and loosens tongues.

For the MAGIC WEATHER WITCHES project, the artists Amina Saâdi and Rébecca Fruitman defined a perimeter of action according to the names of streets in the Brussels area that refer to the climate: rue du Méridien, avenue des Tropiques, clos du Soleil, rue du Zéphyr... They interviewed passers-by, each time asking them the question "What do you think the weather will be like on ... ?". The sound bites that make up MAGIC WEATHER WITCHES offer daily weather forecasts.

This autumn, you no longer have to choose between an umbrella, sunglasses or a kite: just listen to the weather prediction of the day in Constant’s window!

In the framework of this installation, on 08-10-2022, Amina Saâdi and Rébecca Fruitman invite you to an open microphone moment to record the weather forecast for your birthday or the birthday of a loved one. Whether it is your wish or a wish to send as a gift, all weather is allowed! Your forecast will then be sent to you and you are welcome to share it with yours, maybe as a birthday gift ... ?

A teaser of the project can be heard on Radio Paniek in the 6 September 2022 broadcast of Les Promesses de l’aube and in the 22 September 2022 broadcast by Bruxelles Nous Appartient
The weather forecasts are also broadcast on Radio Campus from Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 9am.

@ Constant, Rue du Fort 5

Opening: Thursday 22 September, 18:00 -> 21:00
Installation: 23 September -> 20 November
Workshop: Saturday 8 October 15:00 -> 18:00