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Constant_V: Iterations

Alongside the next-Iterations online mini-festival which takes place on 17 and 18 May 2020, Constant’s window is covered with the filtered words of the final Iterations publication. Over the past three years, this project has been a beautiful ride through the landscape of artistic collaboration. Created by Jara Rocha and Manetta Berends and filled by contributions from artists who have closely followed or participated in the project - such as Kym Ward, spideralex, Behuki, Common Ground, Rica Rickson, Collective Conditions, - this experimental publication proposes and inspires new concepts and openings for works yet to be developed.

The concepts replicated on vinyl in our showcase were extracted through a practice of X-dexing, a tool developed by the two artists to discover and process content in a cross-disciplinary way.

Jara Rocha is an independent researcher/artist/mediator who deals with the semiotic and material urgencies of current cultures with a trans*feminist sensibility. She often works on the politics and aesthetics of infrastructures, the logistics of texts, bodily inscriptions and tests non-formal learning methods in collective situations such as the Euraca seminar, Las promesas de los algos, Relearn Summerschool or The Darmstadt delegation.
Manetta Berends works in the field of graphic design with an interest in digital infrastructures and open source software. She is one of the initiators of Varia (a collective initiative around everyday technologies and free culture in Rotterdam) and a member of Algolit (a working group on algorithmic literature).

The Iterations publication is part of Books with an attitude and can be downloaded here:

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