Project: Constant_V

Constant_V: Reflecting in the Debris of High Tech

The Vitrine of Constant will become for two months a public interface to address the ongoing struggle(s) to counter the depletion of community resources brought by BigHigh Tech Cloud corporations. ooooo resizes, relays and re-transmits hopefully + consensually, in transversal solidarity, the words of the feminist "cloud to crowd’ strike network. Dreaming in The Ruins of Big Tech: ooooo wants to improvise and animate this slogan and continue the collective brainstorm, engaging at street level on Rue du Fort. What seemed a digitally sprayed graffiti, proofs to perform resistance to the vectralist cloud regime.

Till mid January 2024, the Vitrine is a background, a stage, a layer, a display to "claim" counter-cultural digital infrastructures. The interface gets tweaked by introducing critical feedback in the material layers of fiber optic data light transmissions. Spasms, pulsing on data interveillance, intraspecies opto-genetic loopholes activating collective life cycles. It will get interrupted by micro-interventions, like radio transmissions, screen sharing hula-hoop sessions,... Together forking the circuit and other moments of praxis-based encounters.

This Vitrine will be activated throughout a series of micro-interventions, announced on mastodon ( ) and on ooooo’s site ( ).

For all the duration of the Vitrine, video and other streams will be shared via the systerserver peertube instance ( ). 


14-11-2023 - Slogan copy session - 11:00 - @ Constant
with Z. Nkuwege & others

16-11-2023 - LIVE - Radio transmission - 18:00 - @ Constant
webgang - Radio centraal with Silvia & others

24-11-2023 - SERVPUB - feminist system administration skill sharing session - 14:00-18:00 - online

14-01-2024 - FINISSAGE - Technopolitical song lyrics writing and karaoke session - @ Constant with Karaopo

Tube Channel

ALGO-Rhythm >> A hip hop musical against automated propaganda, directed by Manu Luksch, starring: Gunman Xuman, Lady Zee, OMG

BLACK-box-cookie-monster >> Video essay by Yufei Gao

@ Constant

Rue du Fortstraat 5, 1060 Saint-Gilles | Sint-Gillis