Project: Constant_V

Constant_V Capitalithothèque

The Capitalithothèque is a work in progress that attempts to develop ’perforalithic’ practices, chipping away at ubiquitous turbo capitalism. In its current form, Capitalithothèque is a collection of mineral debris sourced from various financial institutions in Brussels.

The presentation in the window of Constant is a portrait of the North quartier in the shape of a documented set of stones.
It is a prototype for an archive that could grow in a participatory way. The necklaces, rings, badges that are presented could be worn as a form of anti-capitalist protest, but are also actively participating in it’s slow decay.

Capitolitothèque can be many things. For now, the work involves exposing facadism, pro-active capitarcheological field work, gleaning and not-for-profit jewel making. Following the logic of the term ’Capitalocene’ which was invented as an ’ugly word for the ugly practice’ of capitalism wrecking the planet, Capitalithothèque is interested in naming new practices into existence. They could be joyful.

On Friday 16 April, between 12:00 and 18:00, Peter Westenberg will explain the project and lead a brainstorm / workshop in which we will collectively explore its potential and possibilities. There are 5 one hour sessions, each for 3 people. We work on the pavement in front of Constant’s office. If you can bring a self-harvested Capitalitho that is very nice, but not necessary.
If you want to join, please sign up for a slot here:

@ Window of Constant office

Rue du fort 5, 1060 Sint-Gillis, Brussels