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Constant_V is a series of small-scale installations in the window of the Constant office. These installations are sometimes accompanied by a workshop led by the artist(s) in order to focus not only on the finished product, but also on the process of creation. They give the opportunity to discover the motivations, the techniques or other aspects of a work.

Constant_V uses our front window as a membrane; it showcases artists and projects connected to Constant. Constant_V prefers showing works that are in progress, giving visibility to the conceptual, technical and collaborative work that goes into the creation of an artwork. Constant_V shows works that are made with Free Software and / or distributed under open content licenses. This way Constant_V offers passers by insight in the world of F/LOSS arts.

Constant_V presents digital works of various types ranging from video to interactive works, from graphic design to hacked machines and prototypes.

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