Project: Constant_V

Π­view - Stéphane Cousot + Stéfan Piat

Exhibition Π­view

Opening 2 july – 18:00

A noisy street in Sint-Gilles. A shopping window in which a monitor and speakers show and play what happens further on in the street. A film without scenario in which the protagonists are the passers by, the cars, birds, the market salesmen.
The video image consists of a stream of images without beginning or ending, a moving matter of which the development has not been foreseen.

The sound and images are captured and send live by a device constructed by the artists Stéphane Cousot et Stéfan Piat. Their installation invites to take time to watch, and to pay attention to potential events that will develop in a remote space.

Π­view is part of Constant V (Venster/Vitrine), a series of exhibitions in the window of Constant. The works shown are created with free software and / or distributed under an open content license.

With the support of the Commision Communautaire française et de la Commune de Saint­Gilles.

@ Constant

Rue du FortStraat 5, 1060, Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis