Happy Public Domain 2014 !

@ KBR, Cinema Nova


Each year, as of January 1, thousands of works enter into the public domain, 70 years after the death of their authors. The period of protection by copyright expires, and the works become a public treasure that everyone can appreciate and use freely.

This year, on 25th January, we will celebrate the authors that left us in 1943. For the occasion, we will organise a day of workshops, lectures and concert in the Royal Library Albertina, with a.o. works of Charlotte Salomon, Nikola Tesla, Sergei Rachmaninov, Henri Lafontaine and interventions by lawyer Séverine Dusollier, art historian Veronique Daneels, archivist Eglantine Lebacq, Mundaneum Mons and musicians Caroline James (piano), Alexey Kokhanov (bariton), Perrine De Oliveira (cello), Mélissa Gaty (violin).

In the evening lawyer Sandrine Hallemans and the Nova team will share crispy anecdotes showing the complexity of the relationship between cinema and the public domain. Creations of the feminist filmmaker Germaine Dulac will be projected, accompanied by the musical group Les Sœurs Demi­-Bride, as well as some remixes from the writings of Stefan Zweig by Sébastien Conard, and performances inspired by the works of writer Hélène Gelens & Constant.

As the program will be in French and Dutch, please consult the overview in FR or NL.

In collaboration with KBR, CRIDS, nY, Cinema Nova

Film copies are restored by the French Film of CNC.


Public Domain Day

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