Constant projects

Initiated, co-produced or co-organised by Constant.

Active Archives

Research and development of free software in collaboration with cultural institutions.

adashboard (for fiction)

In a predigital area An Mertens would have been the type of author struggling with small cards in large drawers, trying to keep everything categorized alphabetically and with a 100 different (...)


Algolit is a project of Constant, a workgroup around i-literature and free software. The group counts six members: Catherine Lenoble, Nicolas Malevé, Olivier Heinry, Stéphanie Villayphiou, Brendan (...)


Capacitor’s main theme is open hardware, opening up machines, building from scratch, prototyping with open platforms and tinkering. Through for example interviews with developers, bricoleurs, (...)


Nurse reports on sights and sounds

Constant Variable

Variable is the Free Libre Open Source Software Arts Lab that Constant runs between 2011 and 2014

Constant Verlag

Constant Verlag is a repository of texts from the depth of the Constant Archives. Some of those texts were already available on line, others just saved on one of our harddrives; some written in (...)

Constant V

Constant V (Venster/Vitrine) is a series of window-exhibitions that Constant proposes to its neighbors and Rue du Fortstraat 5 passersby, during 2015. The art works vary from Open Source objects (...)


Copy.cult provides news and pointers towards various aspects of the culture of the copy.


Cqrrelations invites data travellers, writers, numbergeeks, programmers, artists, mathematicians, storytellers, and other tech creative souls to explore the world of digital non-relations, (...)

Cuisine Interne Keuken

Answering 17 questions around the ingredients and recipes of cultural work, several artists, organizers, cultural workers were interviewed on how they make a living, on how they (...)


Hybrid and nomadic events, publications, thoughts in between working, training, academic and cultural places, practices and words.


The impact of technology transforms our daily lives, our relationship with our work, with communications and even with maternity. The economic, social and cultural issue of “mastering the new (...)


A collaboration between Pianofabriek, Ladda and Constant. A series of workshops investigating the relationship between art and electricity.

Etat des Lieux / Plaatsbeschrijving

Constant Variable is a F/LOSS Arts Lab situated in Rue Gallait 80. It runs from September 2011 till July 2014. On the one hand it is a physical work space, on the other hand it is a thematic (...)


GenderArtNet is an experimental mapping project exploring the interrelation of gender, ethnicity, race, class and sexualities in contemporary Europe. GenderArtNet’s primary aim is to thematically (...)


GenderBlending calls body hackers, 3D theorists, game activists, queer designers and software feminists to experiment at the contact zones of gender and technology. GenderBlending consists of a (...)


Weblog by Pierre de Jaeger featuring articles on comics books, généalogies, illustration, science/fiction and sounds.

IPatchwork / E-report

For a long time girls and women could express themselves exclusively through domestic work, weaving, stitching, embroidery etc. ... Fortunately, those days are behind us ... or are we (...)


People hear rhythms, tones, accents, voice volume, incorrect pronunciations, a laugh, a cough, background sounds. But the machine does not make any difference. She just orders words and sound (...)

La Langue Schaerbeekoise / De Schaarbeekse Taal

La Langue Schaerbeekoise gathers words and terms spoken by the many different people living in the Cage aux Ours neighborhood of Schaerbeek.

Libre Graphics Research Unit

The Libre Graphics Research Unit is a traveling lab where new ideas for creative tools are developed. Its diverse activities range from the practical to the theoretical via writing, research (...)

Linux Audio

A series of workshops on open source audio-software.


Mondotheque is a platform for experiments with the legacy of the universalist and documentalist Paul Otlet: drawings, images, systems, ideas. The project is named after La Mondothèque, Otlet’s (...)


Photo’s, film and videostills

Objects in Common

Digital media channels have led to a rise in the distributed manufacture of customised objects. How is it possible to make the manufacture and design of these objects really accessible, beyond (...)

Open Source Publishing

Open Source Publishing is a graphic design caravan that uses only Free Software tools. Closely affiliated with the Brussels based digital culture foundation Constant, OSP was created in 2006 as (...)

Open source video

Collective laboratory for the production and distribution of video with open source software.

Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois?

Between 2013 and 2015 the project ’Do You Speak Saint-Gilles ? collects words in the neighborhood Bosnie in Saint-Gilles. Through activities, events, radiobroadcasts, workshops, walks and other (...)

Promiscuous pipelines

’Universalism is not rejected but particularized; what is needed is a new kind of articulation between the universal and the particular’ (Chantal Mouffe in: The Return of the political, 1993) (...)

Public Domain Day

On the first of January new works enter into the public domain because their copyrights have expired. This means the works can be re-used in new works of art, they can be changed and (...)

Routes + Routines

Routes + Routines is a series of city walks; surprise visits to unexpected corners of Brussels. The project tests out various methods for diverting and changing routines, and as a result your (...)


The workshop series “Samedies/Women & free software” brings together a diverse group of women to learn about building, maintaining or simply understanding a server. Organised in collaboration (...)

Splinter Fields

Splinter Fields is an initiative of Brussels based organizations active within the fields of technological and media arts (Constant, FoAM, nadine and OKNO) to foster collaborative, agile and (...)

Stitch And Split

Stitch and Split explores the joint, the interstices, between these two registers which might be considered opposed, science and fiction, and their reciprocal contamination. Science fiction as a (...)


Towards is a collection of subjective cartographic representations of Brussels connected to the creation of a collaborative tool for subjective cartography.

Urban(e)(istiques) Anomalie(ë)n Bru(x)(ss)el(le)(s)

A visual journey through particularities of public spaces in Brussels.

Verbindingen / Jonctions

Annual multidisciplinary festival organised by Constant


In this blog Wendy Van Wynsberghe investigates the potential of open source audio software.


Yoogle! is an online game that allows users to play with the parameters of the Web 2.0 economy, and to play in turn the role of the various actors of the market of personal (...)