Free software


Ana Foor & Anne Wiel show children how you can turn a memory into a fiction story and how you stitch the story into a selfmade cover. Children make their own book with free software during (...)

#CLIfe : Command-Line Interface for everything

What? Command-Line? Yes. Exactly. That thing with the computer where you see characters flying by just like when Neo found out about the Matrix. It seems cryptic and magic, doesn’t it? People (...)

Cinelerra package

Cinelerra is a non-linear video editor. Cinelerra is free software released under the GPL license.

Considering your tools

Workshop for tutors at BAU design college of Barcelona. With Gijs de Heij and Eric Schrijver (OSP). This workshop starts from our experience with using Free, Libre and Open Source software in (...)

Copyleft::Free Software

Constant member Nicolas Malevé participates in a training on free software by Cesep.

Digitales @ netdays 2004

A week of workshops and meetings to question, open, understand and use computer tools and languages free and open.

Free Libraries for Every Soul

Long before the slogan ’Information wants to be Free’ was coined, the founder of the modern library Melvil Dewey (1851-1931) had a dream. He believed in ’Free Libraries for Every Soul’. (...)

’I think that conversations are the best, biggest thing that free software has to offer its users’

During this lecture in the framework of Barcelona’s Free Culture Forum, Constant member Femke Snelting introduces a book-in-the-making, an extensive collection of conversations between developers (...)

Journées du libre

Constant members Femke Snelting and Wendy van Wynsberghe talk about how and why cultural workers engage themselves with Free culture.

LGM@Open Design Conference

Presentation of the LGRU project during the closing party of the Open Design Conference held in Barcelona, organized by the FAD. The conference brings together designers and thinkers who share an (...)

Linux & Audio

In this course, Lieven Moors will give an introduction to the GNU/Linux system from the viewpoint of a musician, and give an overview of some of the most influential open source projects for (...)

Object Score Notation online!

Object Score Notation is the software that co-performed in Kaleidoscope during VJ12, Nov 2010.

Open Sound Lab

Make your own music using a computer! As the workshop will be in French, the rest of this article is also in French. Thanks for your comprehension. Vous êtes fan de techno, de rap où de musique (...)

Open Sound Lab: Back to School

The workshop "Open Sound Lab" has started again! This year, the activities will take place at the Cultural Centre Jacques Franck in Saint-Gilles. The workshops still focus on the training of (...)

Open Source Publishing Briefing

Together with Mute’s Simon Worthington and Laura Oldenburg, OSP participates to the NM-X network evening. We present our experiences with free software for designers, and discuss problems and (...)


Integrated design conference + gathering words for our lexicon


Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe presents Constant’s work during the launch event of the New Media lab of Area 10. The media lab is dedicated to working with Free Libre / Open Source tools. RE (...)


Read*Write*Execute* Un proyecto de en colaboracion con Constant Read*Write*Execute*, numero 2 de la revista & foro de, plantea un analisis de la web como (...)

Research Meeting: Networked Graphics

The first ever Research Meeting in the context of the Libre Graphics Research Unit was organised by Worm and themed Networked Graphics. 30 participants from across Europe gathered in Rotterdam (...)

Research meeting: Abstracting craft

The next Research Meeting Abstracting Craft will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands from 26-29 September 2012. The program is being developed by WORM in collaboration with (...)


Rollmops is a distribution dedicated to the creation and distribution of web content.

Samedies #10: Legal aspects

Responsabilities of maintaining a server and questions on privacy

Samedies #11: Last make-up Amaya

The common language at the Samedies is French, therefore the rest of this message is in French. Amaya (notre machine :-) dispose maintenant d’un serveur Web (Apache), de bases de données (MySQL) (...)

Samedies #12: launch Amaya

Common language at the Samedies is French, therefore this message is continued in French. Nous ne savons pas encore si Amaya sera notre plaine de jeux et de tests, un abri pour des projets (...)

Samedies #13: Re-play

The common language in the Samedies is French, therefore the following message is in French: Deuxième expérience nomade : après un accueil à l’asbl Constant vzw, les Samedis se dérouleront aux (...)

Samedies #14: Security

A worksession about security in Debian/Apache/MySQL/PHP.

Samedies #15: Festive closure

Festive closure of the second Samedi season with performances, presentations and talks.

Samedies #17: Reconnecting Amaya & working groups

The ladies of Samedies will reconnect the server Amaya, reconfigure and reinstall her and start organising work groups to keep her going in a good and fertile (...)

Samedies #18: Running projects

Workgroups svn & mysql, dealing with dns & nameserver. And as usual: collective problemsolving, lunch & closure

Samedies #19: Mysql, Trac & toolkit

Workgroups MySQL & TRAC Brainstorm on future interventions at IF3 Brainstorming for the "toolkit" : how to react to sexist clichés Brainstorming on closing samedies in (...)

Samedies #20: Hosting cms eo

Host projects: wikis, spip, mediawiki, dokuwiki, wordpress and other.

Samedies #21: Mysql & back-up

Repair MySQL study manuals for backup

Samedies #23: Starhawk & feminist plays

Last Samedie of the season: 14h - 17h : Workshop with Anouk Adel on collective practises by Starhawk: English - reservation required 17h-19h : presentations by An Mertens (Français: Quand Donna, (...)

Samedies #8: Configure & observe

Because French is the current language at the Samedies, the rest of this article will be in French. C’est la rentrée des Samedis, femmes et logiciels libres, une série de rencontres qui ont débuté (...)

Samedies #9: Install, configurations, organisation

Because the current language of the Samedies is French, the following message will be in French. Tx for your comprehension! Amaya (notre machine :-) dispose maintenant d’un serveur Web (Apache) (...)

Spiderwomen 3: Wiki workshop

Constant member An Mertens and 2 other members of Samedies (Agnes Bewer, Juliane de Moerloze) organise a workshop about wikis at Amazone, resource centre for equality between women and men. (...)

Transmedia - Workshop

Workshop-seminar about the strategies and realities of autonomous digital platforms.

Welcome Weekend

It’s party time in a dozen neighborhoods in Brussels! Visit Brussels proposes a discovery week-end of neighborhoods that are usually not touched by the touristic flow. It is the people (...)

Workshop Open Video Libre

Four days with: presentations, exercises, tests and help. Which computer parts are needed / essential? Test softwares, scripts and tricks. In the evenings, Pirate Cinema from Berlin shows films (...)

Workshop Open Video Libre

Constant organiseert vier dagen met presentaties, oefeningen, tests en hulp rond open source video. Het testen van software zoals Cinelerra of Kino, discussie-uitwisselingsplatformen, (...)