Digitales @ netdays 2004: Women and Computers: a codified existence?

@ Brussels


A week of workshops and meetings to question, open, understand and use computer tools and languages free and open.

With artists, workers using the new technologies, women from training centers and their trainers in computing, musicians, researchers, technicians, jurists, politicians, activists, curious …
A week to discover what is a search engine, a portal, a server, the public domain, them " creative commons ", a freeware, a free software, SPIP, Linux … To think about their tools, leur/notre language, leur/notre production in the context of the public domain and the cultural inheritance.



The impact of technology transforms our daily lives, our relationship with our work, with communications and even with maternity. The economic, social and cultural issue of “mastering the new technologies” is serious : will they become a tool for the liberalisation of trade, doubled with a (...)