Project: Iterations

next-Iterations: a festive publication presentation


Over the past three years, Iterations has been a beautiful ride through the landscape of artistic collaboration. Now, there is a publication. We invite you to discover the many new starting points it offers during next-Iterations, a two-day contemplative, playfully experimental and festive online event.

Join Sunday 17 May for a programme with contributions ranging from live radio transmissions to body exercises, talks, soundscapes and visual interventions.

next-Iterations starts at 13:00 with an introduction to the publication by editors-designers Jara Rocha and Manetta Berends.

Too early for a lazy weekend start-up? Come and co-inquire feminist infrastructures of support with Spideralex between 15:15 and 16:00, or partake in networked sonic spell-casting with Kym Ward at 16:30.

Did intensive listening make you thirsty? Join us at 18:15 in the IRC-BAR for ’collaborative’ cocktails prepared by the Rica Rickson collective.

Doesn’t fit your schedule? At all times you can pick up the
next-Iterations audio-stream from the website and enjoy it in your preferred (off-screen?) environment.

Did the project Iterations escape your attention and now you are curious what it was all about? The organisers compact flashbacks, details, intentions and outcomes in a Pandipodium summary review on Monday 18 May between 13:30-14:15.

@ Iterations website