kunst is solidair / l’art est solidaire / art is solidary

Solidary with more different forms of life instead of less, with imagining another future with technology, with an ecological movement that looks beyond their own privileges, with algoliterary experiments and less optimisation, with artists and others who have emigrated to Belgium willingly or involuntarily, with multiple identities and complex collectivities, with people welcoming refugees warmly, with those for who the future we fear is already present, with the socio-cultural sector, youth centres, associations of ethnic-cultural minorities and ’straathoekwerk’, with people who are unable to pay their hospital bills, with all those who are critically questioning Flemish masters of the present and of the past, with the consequences of a climate that is changing drastically, with feminist institutions and anti-colonial organisations, with a multilingual environment, with Queen Nikkolah, with hybrid artpractices, with local service providers taking a stand against platform capitalism, with queer activists and genderfluidity, in short with everything and everyone working towards a world that isn’t homogeneous, macho nor colonial.