Workshop Open Video Libre

Four days with: presentations, exercises, tests and help. Which computer parts are needed / essential? Test softwares, scripts and tricks. In the evenings, Pirate Cinema from Berlin shows films about collaborative work.

Goal workshop
- Building a collective Linux computer which optimised for working with video.
- Bring together video makers interested in working with open source, linux, open distribution. Get to know a cross section of aspects relating to open source video and Linux: Hardware, open licenses, software, on line distribution.

Software determines what we do. Contrary to proprietory software, free software may be copied, altered and redistributed. We think choosing for Open Source software attributes to a more open and shared software environment.

Constant vzw initiates an Open Source workstation for video-editing; a computer for collective use. We want to contribute to the development of software. Starting from our practice as videomakers, and users of open source software, we will report / contribute / think about alternatives and imagine new paths of production.

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Pirate Cinema:

@ Atelier du web, Brussels