Work sounds

What sound is produced by work ? The studio of a pianobuilder, the workplace of a metal worker, the tools used by the shoemaker, the salon of a hairdresser ... How does baking bread sound in the middle of the night ?

In several shops and enterprises in Saint-Gilles, sound artist Vincent Matyn-Wallecan lets you discover sounds that are charcteristic for artisenal production. In the shops listening posts are installed, where you can hear small audio portraits. Each portrait is andicated by a calligraphy that is visible from the road.
Follow the map on the flyer, and feel free to enter and discover !

Opening: 10th of januari 2015, from 19:00

In the framework of Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois.
With the support of Contract de Quartier Durable Bosnie

@ Piano de Lil

Rue Théodore Verhaegen / Theodoor Verhaegen straat 101, 1060 Bruxelles / Brussel