Project: Algolit

Word2vec in Morlanwelz

This Algolit session will be a special edition.

We will leave with the train at 8:30 from Bruxelles-Midi to the beautiful Musée Royal de Mariemont near La Louvière.

In the morning we will be visiting ’Une Anthologie’, an installation that Gijs de Heij & An Mertens made in the framework of the exhibition Bye Bye Future! We will look at the code (Gensim’s word-2-vec, Wikipedia scraping, 1400 French SF and Fantasy novels...). And we can do new experiments.
In the afternoon we will get a guided tour by Sofiane Laghouati, the curator of the exhibition.

If you only want to come for the guided tour, you can take a train at Bruxelles-Centrale at 12h23, arriving at La Louvière-Sud at 1h22. Then you take bus 30 in the direction of Anderlues Jonction, arriving at the Musée at 2h13.

The tour will take about 2hs.

@ Musée royal de Mariemont

Chaussée de Mariemont, 100
7140 Morlanwelz