Walking with words

This walk explores the neighbourhood Bosnie in Saint-Gilles.We will be looking for hybrid, trans-lingual and intriguing words that will put us on the trace of international connections in the neighbourhood.

Globalism from below, ties with family abroad, historical local cultures .. there are more then on reasons for the presence of foreign words in the streets.

The walk starts at the Place Bethléem. Via Belgrade, Serbia, Bosnia, Canada and Montenegro, we’ll visit some of the Brazilian / Portugese / Italian places located near the old stone road to Forest.

The walk introduces the project ’Do you speak Saint-Gilles?’ and the neighbourhood in which we’ll organise many activities untill september 2015.

The words that we’ll find will be added to the audio database of the project:

Voor information and reservations: peter@constantvzw.org

@ point de rencontre/meetingpoint: Kiosk

Place Bethléem / Place Bethléem
1060 Saint Gilles / Sint-Gillis